Poll: Is sperm a good natural remedy for acne?

Question: Poll: Is sperm a good natural cure for acne?
I am in high school and going through an acne problem. I tried wash things and it has not worked that well, and my parents speak about accutane, but i heard accutane is not innocuous or natural. But, a friend who is an herbalist told me that something like sperm would be a good natural cure for acne. But, i am double checking to be sure and consulting yahoo answers. What do you all think? Thanks!:)

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Answer by Ayewhatsupokay
Hahahahahahhah this prefabricated me laugh

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  1. Knowledge Is Bliss says:


  2. Σαβαννα says:

    Sooo you’re gonna put sperm on your face?

  3. John Smyth says:

    Does that mean I’m a dermatologist? I gotta start charging for that! :O

  4. Kaite The Tater Fairy says:

    It seemed to work for Jenna Jameson.

  5. [Syphilis ♥ Beans] says:

    lol sure

  6. Animal luvr says:

    you’re consulting the polls and surveys section.. nice. you’ll TOTALLY get serious answers here. 0_0

  7. Canadian Guy says:

    8========D — ()

  8. Reef says:

    Ah, no.

  9. Ra♡ says:

    No its not


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