Can Drinking Kombucha Tea Help With My Yeast Infection?

Today, we will address the particular concern regarding having kombucha for yeast infections. There is much agreement that incorporating a pro biotic beverage like kombucha is beneficial for most people ,however, concern was raised when people discovered that kombucha actually contains live yeast and bacteria. Infact, there has been so many people drinking kombucha and singing the praises of their own kombucha health benefits , many health gurus are now toting it as the “next huge thing” (ha ha even though it has been aorund for thousands of years in Eastern countries!).So how can kombucha be good for getting rid of something that it has?

Before we starting , I thought it would be beneficial to answer the question “What is Kombucha?”.  As many of you that are reading about this might need to get caught up to speed.  So here is the skinny on kombucha:

Kombucha (also known as “The Tea of Immortality” and titled after a Korean physician) is a healthy living drink, originated from the Far East that is prefabricated by fermenting sugar with tea and with the kombucha culture (more on the word culture in the next paragraph). Depending on the tea used for fermentation, it tastes either a bit like apple cider or champagne.

The Kombucha culture used for fermentation looks like a beige pancake, and despite what many think it is NOT a mushroom.  The best way to distinguish it is a Symbiotic Colony of Yeast And Bacteria (SCOBY). 

The process is rather uncomplicated: the culture is put in sweetened black or green tea. The Kombucha culture digests the sugar and produces a range of vital organic acids, amino acids and enzymes. The result is a bowl bursting with tons of probiotics, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, not to mention polyphenos and theanine which helps with stress and anxiety and is naturally found in tea leaves .

You can use a variety of teas (and even most herbs, like Rooibos or Jiaogulan), but we suggest that for peeps that are first starting out, a combination of Green Tea and Black Tea is best.  In other articles we will discuss kombucha recipes, but for now we wanted to at least let our readers know what we are speaking about.

Now that we know a tiny bit about kombucha let us answer the question why having THIS type of yeast is good for getting rid of the OTHER kind of Yeast

Here we go… The yeast found in kombucha IS NOT the same as the unwanted yeast your body excretes through Candida and yeast infections . In fact, yeast overgrowth is the result but the reason is oftentimes due to too much sugar in ones diet. So, regarding sugar:

Most of the sugar found in kombucha is converted after ten to fourteen days from brewing. This means the more you wait, the less sugar there will be present when you drink. If you constantly want to have less sugar you will need to bottle your own tea to last you for about5 to 7 days BEFORE you begin to begin a new round of brew.

In closing, Kombucha could be beneficial in resolving Yeast Infections and Candida but make sure your kombucha has been fermented for at least 10 days if you want to cut down on the sugar levels! .

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